Posted by: T.A.G. | 06/08/2017

New World War 2 Project in 10mm Scale

Some years ago, World War 2 was a popular period within my group of wargamers but more recently the old 20mm equipment has not seen many outings. I recently had the opportunity to play a 10mm WW2 game using the Crossfire rules. These rules are amazing (at least compared to what we used to do in 20mm) and I have acquired a set. I have also been acquiring a collection of (thus far unpainted) figures and models from Pithead Miniatures and Pendraken Miniatures but with some embellishments from the ranges of Magister Militum and Minifigs. Having sought and failed to commission someone to paint the evolving collection for me (time is precious these days and my eyes are not what they used to be), I have bowed to the inevitable and begun to paint.

The images below are of a Morris 15cwt truck, which is the trailblazer for my 10mm WW2 collection. This model is the “experiment” that I’ve used to decide what painting style I shall use and what my bases will look like. It won’t win any painting competitions but should work okay on the table top. It still needs some transfers for various vehicle markings but otherwise it’s complete and two more trucks and a Jeep are not far behind. I hope you like the photos of my efforts.



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